Petrokarkia Consultant Engineering Co. We are expert in all field of design, consultant, construction and providing the best solutions Design, Engineering and Consultant Oil and Gas, Petrochemical & Refinery plants Design, Engineering and Consultant In the field of Water supply, Desalination and Sweetening of seawater Feasibility study In the field of Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Refinery, Power plant, Steel and etc Management and Supervision On Engineering and Workshops

Grade 3 in consultant

Specialty units of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries

Grade 3 in feasibility

Industry – Energy Branch – Oil and Gas

Work Across The Country

Ready to provide all services in all areas of Iran

Professional Engineering Team

Having a specialist engineers in all relevant departments


Adherence to the principles of proper management and reliance on the engineering team has led to the success of PETROKARKIA in the projects.

Feasibility study for monomer vinyl chloride unit

Data Technical Survey of Ethylene Dichloride

Consultant and engineering ASU & water treatment Damavand petrochemical

Feasibility study of 42 project for Especial Economic Zone of Shiraz

Engineering Design Of Fuel Station “KHARAZMI Petrochemical”

Re-engineering and fault diagnose of cooling water pipe lines

Managing contractor of Abu Ghraib – Baghdad City – IRAQ

LPG, Naphtha ,Reformat , MTBE Transfer pipes

Design,Procurement,Construction, Erection Water Network

Consultation & design of the underground pipe net “Isfahan Refinery” & Surge calculations

Engineering consultation of “8000” barrel refinery Petro Yazdan Kavir


Completed Projects


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Ongoing Projects

Head Manager

We are expert in feasibility studies, contract management, basic and detailed design, procurement engineering, site supervision and so on…



PetroKarKia was formally established and registered at Shiraz registration under No: 18870 on 2005 as a private joint stock consulting engineering company and provides mainly following activities in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and other industries