• Clinet Arian Tejarat Mana
  • Date2023

Project Description

The main goal of this project is to remove mercaptans and hydrogen sulfide present in gas condensate liquids to levels below 100 ppm and 1 ppm, respectively. Mercaptans are a type of organic sulfides that are widely found in petroleum products and often lead to a decrease in the quality of the final products. Therefore, the removal of sulfur compounds from hydrocarbons has become essential. Due to their corrosive and toxic nature, mercaptans are among the first substances targeted for treatment and purification in refineries.

The separation of mercaptans from oil, gas, and hydrocarbon products results in an improvement in the quality of these materials, a reduction in environmental hazards, decreased corrosion of metal equipment, elimination of human health risks, and a significant reduction in the unpleasant odor associated with these products. It is evident that refined products have much higher market value compared to contaminating fuels after purification.



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